Good Will Toward All Bikers

A while back, a friend sent this to me and it seemed appropriate today, after an "interesting" confrontation with an H-D owner at a restaurant.

The following quote is from the December, 1920 edition of the H-D Enthusiast Magazine.

"It would be a fine thing for the world if some of this goodwill could be bottled up at Christmas time and dealt out regularly wherever it was needed during the rest of the year. For instance, I'm sure the motorcycle world could stand some of it; for, even though we boast of our "good fellowship" spirit, there still seems to be a tendency among a good many motorcyclist to slight the fellow riding another kind of machine. Motorcyclist are all bound together by a brotherhood tie through their love of the sport, and what difference does it make what make of machine he rides as long as he belongs to the clan?" -- Walter Davidson

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