The Sherpa Story

After putting about 3,000 miles on my 2000 Kawasaki Super Sherpa, I decided to do more than just change the oil. I've had an oversized plastic tank since last winter, waiting for my garage to warm up, for the Sherpa. The bike's 1.7gal tank is too small for anything resembling a serious trip. Even with 90mpg, I'm still stopping for gas too often. The valves needed checking. In fact, after pulling the top, I found they were all tight. The fork fluid needs changing. The swingarm needs cleaning and lubing. It needs a new chain. The list goes on for a while.

Then my riding mower broke, right after chainging the oil and doing a spring cleaning and lube. The magnetic clutch that engages the blade ripped out its wiring. Now, two pieces of equipment are disassembled in front of my garage and my spring projects are getting out of hand.

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