Interestingly, the first car of concern on this morning was all-electric, something Nissan is more-than-seriously considering for the Cube once it reaches our shores for the 2010 model year. (Take a look at the remaining two cars we care about today here and here.)

Japanese customers will be better able to spot the differences between the current Cube and the future Cube, but the main thing is that Nissan has left well enough alone. Its simplicity inspired a Top 5 post here on GCBC. Mentioning the Cube's microsite opened up traffic here as well. As for beautiful cars that regular folks can afford, the Cube joined four other unavailable models in Part 3 of Where's The Beauty In That? in late January.

No calculations are required, The Good Car Guy loves the Nissan Cube and everything it represents. The possibility of sub-Sentra pricing is thrilling. More importantly, with competitors from Kia and Scion, the Cube will have to be a well-engineered car. 43 pictures are ready for viewing below. 

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