TOYOTA vs GM - First Quarter Numbers

The figures were confusing in 2007. Did Toyota produce more; did General Motors sell more? Did an outside source confirm the figures that were announced by the manufacturers? Whatever - that was then, this is now. Below you'll fnd some preliminary worldwide Numbers from Japan-based Toyota and American-based General Motors.


2,410,000 - total vehicles sold by Toyota across the planet during the first three months of this year

2,250,000 - total vehicles sold by General Motors across the planet in January, February, and March

2.7 - percentage gain by Toyota compared with the first quarter of 2007

1 - percentage loss suffered by General Motors compared with the same period of last year

64 - percentage of sales made by GM outside of North America

8 - percentage gain by GM in vehicle sales outside of their home continent

20 - percentage increase for GM sales in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East

1,970,878 - combined worldwide total sales of Nissan and Honda, Toyota's two major Japanese competitors

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