2014 BYD New F3 Review

BYD may be a growing complete in China lately with its product growing in comfort, technical innovation, and originality. The New F3, however, isn’t one amongst those product. whereas it's the newest version of the sedan, it still harks back to BYD’s recent habits of repeating another automaker’s styles. during this case, it's Toyota. The Corolla-like automotive shares several similar options, however has seen some differentiation since the adoption of “New” in its title. because the recent expression goes, the sincerest sort of compliment is imitation — which means the New F3 isn’t a nasty automotive, thanks principally to the ringlet.

 The New F3 offers the Chinese and different foreign markets a vehicle for basic transportation. area for 5 and a good sized trunk ar gift. therefore may be a dual-clutch transmission. currently before you begin considering a DSG or PDK, this gear case is customized a lot of for fuel economy instead of lightning-fast shifts. That becomes even a lot of apparent once considering what the transmission is mounted to; the one.5-liter four-cylinder produces a scant 107 H.P. and 106 pound-feet of torsion. The 60-mph sprint comes in twelve seconds with a prime speed of a hundred and five mph.

Sure, it’s not a performance automotive, however the payoff is forty four mpg on the main road and twenty seven mpg within the town. As a whole, the New F3 appears terribly targeted for shorter, in-town jaunts than long main road cruising. And that’s simply fine as most of its sales region is focused urban areas.


The outside of the BYD New F3 is currently a lot of differentiated from the Toyota ringlet. The previous F3’s body panels were therefore the same as the then current ringlet the components were virtually interchangeable. Thankfully, BYD has touched removed from that.

The New F3’s appearance ar rather boring. A twin-beam grille offers a splash of chrome, the headlights ar projector beam vogue, and fog lamps are offered. facets|the edges|the perimeters} of the New F3 have body line accents running beneath the side windows, bisecting the door handles. Plastic wheel covers ar snapped to the 15-inch wheels.

Things around back ar equally bland. A chrome accent piece lines the highest of the license-plate bracket, however otherwise, things ar dull. whereas it would not be a beauty to appear at, the dearth of crazy bodylines helps keep the New F3’s prices down. (More on it later)

  • Length mm(in.) 4568(179.84)
  • Width mm(in.) 1716(67.56)
  • Height mm(in.) 1480(58.27)
  • Wheelbase mm(in.) 2615(102.95)
  • Track (F/R) mm(in.) 1486/1466(58.50/57.72)
  • Min. Turning Radius m(ft.) 5.1(16.73)
  • Min. Ground Clearance mm(in.) 170(6.69)


Things within the New F3 ar equally drab. The dashboard would look right reception in 1998 with its small radio show, digital clock, and waterfall-style style. The automotive will supply leather-like seating surfaces, conveyance a lot of category to the cabin. Twin analog gauges show ground speed and engine speed, with tiny screens embedded within the center of the gauges for fuel, temperature, and different vehicle readings.

Rear seat occupants get a good quantity of area. The automotive has the flexibility to carry 5, however the middle seat ought to be saved for smaller youngsters.

Powering the BYD New F3 ar 3 engine choices. the primary may be a one.5-liter inline four-cylinder. The engine options a DOHC style with four valves per cylinder. Variable valve temporal arrangement helps conserve fuel. It’s rated at 107 H.P. at five,800 revolutions per minute and 106 pound-feet of torsion at four,800. A 5 speed manual transmission is commonplace with this engine and also the six-speed DCT is facultative. A a lot of powerful version puts out 151 H.P. and 177 pound-feet, returning in at five,200 revolutions per minute and between one,750 and 3,500 rpm, severally. This engine is simply offered with a six-speed manual. Lastly, a 1.2-liter four-cylinder is obtainable creating 109 H.P. at five,200 revolutions per minute and one36 pound-feet of torsion between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm. The six-speed manual and also the DCT ar offered here.

The six-speed, dual-clutch transmission sends power to the front wheels. As explicit  before, the unit is tuned for fuel conservation instead of speed shifting. It does, however, supply a manual gate for homemade shifting.

Pricing for the BYD New F3 is starts at roughly $8,600 per conversion today

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