Reports say Barack Obama, the man who will become POTUS in late January, will be appointing a car czar to handle problems related to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler. You might start hearing crazy rumours that The Good Car Guy is leaving to become an appointee in Obama's adminstration. 

However much you believe The Good Car Guy knows, don't believe everything you hear. Questions to the czar from November's curious people are below.


Are Volkswagen Jettas good cars? With almost every Volkswagen model available in North America, VW puts itself firmly in the very middle of the midst of a conundrum's centrepiece. Without delving too deeply into the soundness of the Jetta's structure, the weakness (2.5L) or strength (2.0T) of its engines, the beauty of one available transmission (DSG), or the bloatedness of its design, let's touch on one thing: market position. In North America, the Jetta's greatest impediment is its price/size/content mixture. At less than $2,000 below the best-selling car in America, the slightly smaller Jetta may look like a decent value. However, the Jetta is also about $2,000 more than Camry-lite, otherwise known as the Corolla, a big time seller in its own right. North of the border, Canada's best selling car is between $4K and $5K cheaper, while the bigger Accord is only about $3,000 more. The Jetta is stuck. Drop the price a little and perhaps it becomes an unstuck better car.

What are the qualities of good cars? Foremost in the mind of every new car purchaser must, and I mean must, be comfort. To those of you who think that sounds silly coming from an admitted performance car junkie, make sure you consider what it's like to drive a very uncomfortable car that happens to be very fast with terrific handling. We're not discussing comfort in terms of air-conditioning, leather quality, or heated seats. No, this is all about seating, pedal, and steering wheel positioning. If it ain't right for you, don't go any further. Different vehicles work for different people, so don't necessarily listen to cousin Joe who found the lack of an armrest in the last car he drove was a deal breaker. Try it for yourself. In dynamic terms, the joy you derive from driving a one car or another will almost certainly come down to steering quality: precision, weight, and most importantly, feel. If you have an intimate connection with your car through the wheel, its speed (or lack thereof), cargo capacity (or lack thereof), and luxury content (or lack thereof) won't really matter.

What kind of cars are federal agents driving? This question must stem from talk of The Good Car Guy being a part of the next federal administration. Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you.

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Which competitors can the '09 Toyota RAV4 beat? Considering direct competition which includes the Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, Ford Escape, and many others, it seems fairly obvious that the RAV4 manages to "beat" most. The Forester and Santa Fe well alongside the RAV4, and America has made the CR-V the best-selling SUV. Take a look at the Toyota Highlander 3 To Beat for the RAV4's performance there, too.


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