Having just covered BMW's current financial situation - with help from of course - GoodCarBadCar figured it only makes sense that the #2 player in the luxury automobile sector gets some attention as well. 

The economic downturn in the United States has a great effect on the rest of the world; few would deny. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, this can be too clearly seen. Have a look. And... or... check out other Numbers or $$$ posts from GoodCarBadCar while you're visiting. Mercedes-related articles can be found here.


32 - percentage drop in profit during the first quarter of 2008 compared with the same period of 2007 for Mercedes-Benz, the world's second largest purveyor of luxury automobiles

1,330,000,000 - announced quarterly net income, in euros, for Daimler (ie Mercedes-Benz), a 640,000,000 euro drop from the 2007 period

20 - carryover stake, measured in percentage, Daimler holds in Chrysler, the maker of Dodge and Jeep as well, after the former DaimlerChrysler divorced

491,000,000 - loss, in euros, resulting at Daimler during this last quarter because of their 20% stake in their old American 'wife'

25 - percentage drop in the value of Daimler shares so far this year, following a serious boost last year when shares jumped after the sale of EADS

50,900,000,000 - approximate valuation, in euros, of the worth of Daimler

7,100,000,000 - cost savings, in euros, Mercedes-Benz has garnered by shaving 9,700 factory jobs since 2005

45 - percentage boost in operating profit by Mercedes during January, February, and March


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